Healthy massages and baths in the rising tub revive tired muscles and relax your body and soul. Revitalizing saunas are also a part of this special pampering programme.
Our wellbeeing area

  • Roman Crystal Sole Steam Bath
    High humidity and gentle heat embrace body and mind. Temperature 45°C
  • Bio Soft Sauna with Light Therapy
    Ideal for unwinding and relaxing, moderate humidity 60°C
  • "Stubensauna"
    The sauna is panelled with yew wood. The precious wood of the tree of life, soothing sounds and fine fragrances guarantee peaceful relaxation. Temperature 90°C

  • Infrared Cabin
    Mild infrared heat can positively influence back tension and general well-being is increased.
  • ... with Ice Fountain
    An "icy" tonic in the fresh air room stimulates your circulation and strengthens your immune system.

Take your time, let yourself go and enjoy every moment.
At the wellness area in our hotel, you can forget all tensions of everyday life.