On tour with our guide Judith

One's a week we offer a guided tour through the beautiful surrounding mountains

Steinzgeralm in the Antholzertal

Horneggele in the Gsiesertal

Holiday Programs

Experience a variety of landscapes, surrounded by vigorous forests and high mountain peaks! Discover something new every day ... A rich program of events awaits you. The choice is yours!

You can enjoy the variety and the advantages of a miscellaneous weekly program: guided tours, relaxed walks in good company, adventure trips, cultural evenings and moonlight excursions.

We offer a leisurely Kneipp walk in Taisten, various cultural excursions; an excursion on the trail "Lottersteig" with mill visit and tasting of freshly baked bread, Way of St James... Culinary Highlight: "Edible Lawn" - you'll be surprised!

For all enthusiastic mountaineers:

Mountain hike on "The edge of the Dolomites", adventure walk through the gorge "Fanesschlucht", stunning sunrise hike to Mount Lutterkopf, climbing through mountain streams, summit tours ...

Discover numerous hiking experiences for the entire family and challenging mountain tours for avid hikers and receive our hiking needles.

Open Huts

Lots of huts open in May for you and close in the late autumn. The opening hours can change by weather conditions. 

Alpine refuges Gsieser Tal Valley / Taisten / Welsberg

Summer Activity A-Z

  • Fishing
    Visitors must first obtain a government-issued permit at the Bruneck, S. Vigil and Olang Tourist Info-points. It is permitted to catch up to four fish a day.

    Rienz: daily tickets by the family Schenk, Rienzstraße 22, Welsberg, T. 0474 944610
    River Gsieser Valley: daily tickets at the Restaurant Binta Pub, Gsieser Straße 2, Pichl/Valley Gsies, T. 0474 746024

  • Mountain guides
    Alpine School Pustertal, Bahnhofstraße 2, Welsberg,
    T. 0474 944660

  • One day travelling by bus
    You can get the program of the different trips, information and useful indications in the Tourist Offices, where you can also make a reservation.

  • Beach-volley
    Sports area, Pichl/Gsies Tal, T. 340 2427241
    Swimming pool Panorama, Welsberg

  • Boccia
    In the Prenninger Park in Welsberg

  • Running
    Running is „in", and the new running center in Welsberg accommodates this trend. You can get the "Running Card" at the tourist office in Monguelfo, a map which shows you easy-to-difficult tracks and gives you lots of useful suggestions for where to run.

  • Soccer
    Soccer field in the sports area Pichl/Gsies Tal, T. 340 2427241, in the sports area St. Martin /Gsies Tal, in the sports area Welsberg T. 0474 944287 and in the sports area Taisten.

  • Minigolf
    In the Bahnhofstraße in Welsberg. Open in the summer season.

  • Mountain biking
    More Infos

  • Bike rental
    Wintec, Welsberg, T +39 0474 944288
    Hellweger Intersport, Welsberg, T +39 0474 946 007
    Regiohof, St. Magdalena/Gsieser Tal, T +39 0474 948562

  • Riding
    Sun Ranch, Schintlholz 3, Pichl/Gsieser Tal, T. 0474 746835
    Riding Stable Welsberg, Via Principale 20, Welsberg, T. 340 8167417

  • Air gun shooting
    Sports area, Pichl/Gsiesertal, every Friday from 20h – 22h.,
    T. 0474 746979.

  • Swimming
    Swimming pool Panorama in Welsberg. Opened in the summer season.

  • Tennis
    Sports area Pichl/Gsieser Tal, T. 340 2427241
    Sports area Welsberg, T. 0474 944287

  • Hiking
    Huts and mountain pastures
    Way of St. James
    Health-boosting walk in water
    Hiking suggestions
    More Infos

  • Hiking Guide
    Bachmann Siegfried, T.+39 0474 978467
    Gitzl Josef, T. +39 0474 950041, T. +39 349 3457816
    Hofmann Eduard, T. +39 0474 948065